Fully Licensed Preschool With Tasteful Furnishing Plus Custom Built Stage

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Business Description

A family owned business that we have spent years perfecting our preschools inspired by working abroad and in our beloved homeland. We are fortunate to work with partners who share our common goals and passions for education to establish high quality preschools.

A move-in ready 2,000 square feet licensed preschool costs RM130,000. We are offering the real value of our preschool at an honest price at RM148,000. For our offer price, we have got 3rd and 4th quarters of 2019 operating costs covered.

A transition period of 1 week would be the key for delivering flexibility in operations management. Meanwhile, we will focus on tipping the scales in succession planning and business transfer.

Country : MALAYSIA

Category : Education & Training
Company Type : Sdn-Bhd
Year Established : 2017
Asking Price / Total Investment : MYR 148,000
Price Negotiable : No
Seller Financing : No
Financial Year Ended 31/12/2018 28/12/2019
Annual Revenue
Annual Gross Profit
Annual Staff Cost
Annual Rental
Number of Employees
Annual Profit/(Loss) After Tax
Annual Cash In/(Out) Flow
Property, Plant, Equipment (PPE)
Trade Receivables
Trade Payables

Reason for Selling the Business : Will be leaving the family owned business for Cambridge by year end.

Why this business is worth investing? : Education is one of the most important investments parents and guardians must make for every child; this is the beginning to stake your claim in this growing economic good.

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