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Business Description

Established in 2006. One of the most stylish Lighting Boutique in KL and PJ. Well known among designers, architects and property investors. Our business focusing in retail for Designer Lightings, Custom-Make Lightings and unique designer furniture hand-picked around the region.

Today, our retail serve the residential market customers’ from homeowners to property investors and designers to trendsetters.
As for our commercial market, we mainly target corporate interior designers, architects as well as property developers.

Country : MALAYSIA

Category : Lighting Shops
Company Type : Sdn-Bhd
Year Established : 2005
Asking Price / Total Investment : MYR 388,000
Price Negotiable : Yes
Seller Financing : Yes
Financial Year Ended 28/03/2017 27/03/2018
Annual Revenue 800,000
Annual Gross Profit 300,000
Annual Staff Cost 100,000
Annual Rental 80,000
Number of Employees 4 5
Annual Profit/(Loss) After Tax 150,000
Annual Cash In/(Out) Flow 100,000
Property, Plant, Equipment (PPE)
Inventories 550,000
Trade Receivables
Trade Payables

Reason for Selling the Business : After 12years in this business, is time to close this chapter and start something new. Relocating oversea.

Why this business is worth investing? : Potential business as the brand name and location is already well known around the area and to many customers, designers, architects and developers. Have all the contacts you needed for business as well as factory contacts for custom make lamps. Custom make lamps has been one of our main business and it is very potential because not many competition.

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