Strategic Bakery Shop For Sale (Beside KUPTM University)

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Business Description

– Bakery, Cake, Pastry and Cafe.
– Strategic Location surrounded by residential and commercial area.
– No high end bakery competitor nearby.
– Beside KUPTM University houses more than thousand student.
– Shop located in front of Mr. DIY, Malaysia’s largest home improvement store.

Country : MALAYSIA
State : K-L

Category : Bakery
Company Type : Sole-Proprietor
Year Established : 2017
Asking Price / Total Investment : MYR 50,000
Price Negotiable : Yes
Seller Financing : Yes
Financial Year Ended 09/01/2019
Annual Revenue
Annual Gross Profit 84,000
Annual Staff Cost
Annual Rental 42,000
Number of Employees
Annual Profit/(Loss) After Tax
Annual Cash In/(Out) Flow 216,000
Property, Plant, Equipment (PPE)
Trade Receivables
Trade Payables

Reason for Selling the Business : The owner decide to venture a new opportunities and plan to set on a different paths. Changing lifestyle and additional family member playing a huge role for such decision.

Why this business is worth investing? : Perhaps you have always loved bakeries but dont like to bake. maybe you just like a good croissant or a fancy cake. whatever the reason, investing in bakery can benefit for the community and cash in your wallet. Bakeries and cafe are booming in market and its a trend. If you can get in one and runs well, the opportunity can be very profitable.

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