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We are a private lender who gives a loan to individuals and private companies. Have you been rejected by many banks? Do you need funding to establish your business? Do you need funding to expand your business? Or do you need a personal loan? Loan ranges from personal loans to business. The interest rate is very affordable and our loan process is very fast as well. Contact us now via Email: magmafincropp@gmail.com

Country : MALAYSIA
Company / Business Name : Magma Loans
Company Registration Number : +447459704849
Year Established : 1990
Category : Banking & Financial Services

Company Profile : Magma Loan Company is a legitimate & Registered Company approved Worldwide. We offer Loans to individuals and co-operate bodies at encouraging interest rate of 3%. We also render Collateral and Non- Collateral Loans for Your, Business Start-up. Our loans is easy, quick and reliable. Services Rendered include: Second Mortgage Business Loans Personal Loans International Loans Small Loan Budget Loan Home Purchase Loan Marriage Loan etc....
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